The History of OTAN

Outreach to Asia Nationals (OTAN) was founded by Otis Goodwin in 1986 with the purpose of church planting in restricted access countries in Asia.Upon returning from a trip to China, Otis found himself burdened with the Chinese Christians' struggles due to their lack of Bibles, Christian materials, biblical training, and financial support. The Lord impressed on him the desire to do something to provide for and equip these nationals for ministry to their own people, and out of this, OTAN was born.

OTAN was established in October of 1986 in Otis and Roxann Goodwin's spare bedroom with only $750. The ministry soon flourished and in 1990, OTAN was moved to a beautiful fifty-one acre property, where an existing building was reformatted into office space. In November of 2006, a dedication service was held for a two-story addition onto the office building, where there is now a growing home office staff and branch office, with representatives around the country.

The death of our founder Otis Goodwin in 2007 initiated a restructuring of the organization. A new Executive Director, Dr. Chris Gnanakan, was appointed in 2010, operating under the direction of a Board of Directors. Under Chris' leadership, OTAN carried the vision of its founder and expanded into other countries. OTAN remains focused on assisting national believers to do what we as foreigners cannot, so that the Gospel may reach into the uttermost parts of the earth.

In 2015, the Goodwin Outreach Training Opportunity Center, or GoTo Center, was launched out of the Home Office in Winchester as part of OTAN's continued desire to train nationals to reach nationals. The GoTo Center serves as headquarters for training grounds on which to teach and disciple both our members and the nationals they reach, so that they are better equipped to preach the Gospel.